What’s your poison?

By 4. October 2015Blog, Health, Risk Management

If you are a red wine drinker in the states then that’s probably arsenic. Yes, worrying news out this week is that red wine produced in the states probably contains more arsenic than is allowed in drinking water.

Researchers from the University of Washington tested 64 wines and found that all but one of them exceeded the maximal level allowed in drinking water. However, before you start to panic, unless you are a heavy red wine drinker and happen to be drinking one with an exceptionally high level of arsenic chances are that it is not a problem.

In a statement from the researchers published on the EurekAlert website they say that rather than looking at just the amount in the wine, people should be looking at their diets as a whole and assess their overall possible intake.

It would seem that apple juice, rice, tuna and cereal bars can also have high levels. As can brown rice syrup, a substitute for glucose fructose syrup in some infant formula.

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