QUANTOS Analyzer

Milestone in the food analysis


The QUANTOS Analyzer by Q•FOOD

QUANTOS ensures high efficiency and quality assurance throughout the whole beverage production process. This extremely user-friendly device uses IR spectroscopy to analyse the ingredients and concentrations of beverage samples within minutes, both during the manufacturing process and with the end product.

Beer analysis: from mash to glass

optimising the brewing stages,
efficient production

QUANTOS sets new standards in the beer industry throughout the whole production process. QUANTOS optimises the individual stages of the brewing process, thus leading to greater efficiency in fermentation times and a lower financial outlay. Not only does the analysis distinguish between different types of beer, but the samples can also be matched to the individual beer batches of a production site. QUANTOS does not let up in the area of beer-mixed beverages either.



Beverages: economical and responsible

exact recipes, guaranteed limits, correct filling

Confirm the exact recipe, comply with legal limits, ensure correct product filling. Beverage manufacturers and filling companies have full responsibility towards both consumers and the law for exact compliance with legal requirements and very high product quality. The precise analyses provided by QUANTOS ensure absolute quality assurance, as signalled to customers by the QFOOD seal of approval.



„Quality is central to the food industry. Only with quality can we gain the consumers‘ long-term confidence.”

Pascal van Delst

QUANTOS: the standard of the future

one sample, few minutes, many accurate results

QUANTOS opens a new chapter in foodstuff analysis: through a single measurement that takes just minutes to complete, it accurately analyses a wide range of parameters in one sample. QUANTOS uses this highly distinctive composition to produce a digital fingerprint of each product. It thus provides quality control for the whole production process, right up to the end product. Thanks to the user-oriented Q*OS program, this is achieved effortlessly and with minimal prior knowledge. Sceptical?


Simple handling - complex analysis

Why choose QUANTOS: Benefits at a glance

  • Simple operation with no prior knowledge required, step-by-step guidance through the measuring process
  • Simultaneous analysis of many different ingredients
  • Measurement performed in minutes
  • Measures low ml/l concentrations
  • Versatile, can be used from the start of production right through to filling
  • Digital ‘fingerprint’ of sample: distinctive identification
  • Creation of a Beer & Beverage Base, additional analysis possible at any time
  • Reliable, robust, low maintenance, sound


„Considering the latest developments in technology, it is hard to understand, why external specialists are still tasked with standard analysis and equipment calibration.“

Martina Auerswald

Constantly in use

production process, quality control, filling –
Arbeit für den QUANTOS gibt es immer.

QUANTOS supports the whole production chain: each step of beverage manufacturing, end product quality control, through to the filling process. During beverage production, QUANTOS ensures recipes are correctly followed, thus also guaranteeing compliance with legal limits. During brewery operations, it supports an efficient fermentation process. Production process, product quality and filling are constantly monitored and optimised, thus avoiding any great financial losses.


- one for all

from aspartame to citric acid: wide range, maximum accuracy

Whilst conventional analysis is restricted to a few – or even one – molecular structures per measurement, QUANTOS can simultaneously analyse all the ingredients of just a few mg/l when measuring a sample, as well as further parameters. A beam of infrared light is passed through the sample. This captures the ingredients, such as taurine, glucose and citric acid, but also bitterness, SO2 content and flavouring components, and analyses them scientifically. The digitalised sample is stored in the Beer & Beverage Base, so that further evaluations can be performed at any time.



„A complicated analysis which can only be run by experienced specialised personnel cannot be considered a secure quality control.“

Dr. Robert Seidel

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