Versatile Use


QUANTOS can be used at every stage of the brewing process and beverage filling, from beginning to end. Thanks to its versatile use, QUANTOS can significantly optimise each brewing phase, as well as the whole production chain, from recipe to distribution.

Brewing Beer

QUANTOS performs quick and precise analyses in brewery operations – even for beer-mixed beverages. This permits immediate control and optimisation of every step in the brewing process. QUANTOS enables the user to measure the quality of the end product, check that a beer belongs to a particular type and determine the production location and product batch.




QUANTOS supplies an accurate analysis of various ingredients in a single measurement. This enables all beverage manufacturers to ensure the high quality of their products and compliance with all legal regulations. This means that they can take action quickly and efficiently at any point in the production process in order to rapidly prevent potentially incorrect filling and thus minimise financial losses.