Brewing Beer


Beer analysis by Q·FOOD QUANTOS

Very high quality and efficiency in the whole brewing process thanks to continuous and quick controlling

At a glance…

QUANTOS performs quick and precise analyses during the whole production and distribution chain for brewery operations. QUANTOS sets a new benchmark, in terms of both the management options for the brewing process, and product quality control. Each intermediary product and every step of the brewing process can be analysed by QUANTOS and thus optimised. QUANTOS issues an individual digital fingerprint for each sample. This is compared to the reference spectrum in the Beer Base that represents the quality standard for the relevant brewing stage. To determine the quality standard of the end product, the user can measure the quality of all subsequent batches and, of course, also verify that a beer belongs to a particular type. Not only does the analysis identify individual types of beer but the production location and product batch also leave a small but characteristic signature in the digital fingerprint. Due to its comprehensive spectrum of measurable substances, QUANTOS can also analyse beer-mixed beverages as a first quick test.

Efficiency in the brewing process with QUANTOS

QFOOD QUANTOS can be used at any point in the brewing process. Whether wort or green beer, users can monitor each step of the ongoing brewing process directly, gain clarity on decisive factors such as the progress of fermentation, the sulphur dioxide content or the level of bitterness, and act immediately. The quick and accurate analysis process ensures that users can continually control quality throughout the whole production process. This leads to a clear optimisation of the brewing process and thus to a significant savings potential. Knowing when the next brewing stage can be started directly saves on raw materials and energy. Streamlining the brewing process reduces unnecessary conditioning, boiling and cooling phases and can therefore significantly improve the profitability of the production.

QUANTOS helps optimise every step of the brewing process. And considerably increases the efficiency of the brewing operation.

Is that my beer? – The Beer ID

The Beer ID contains all the information about the end product. It not only provides information on quality, but also can accurately identify the origin of the beer. By using the digital fingerprint and the quality standard, the Beer ID accurately matches the beer with its production facility. It can even identify the production batch. This is because the differences between source materials (e.g. barley and hops) from one growing season to another leave specific information in the spectra, which the Beer ID reliably identifies and evaluates. The QUANTOS Beer ID thus guarantees that an end product can be accurately traced, so incorrectly labelled beers can be quickly and clearly traced and outliers can be discovered, for instance. To monitor the quality from product lines and sites, the Beer ID can be used for in-house or external controls. This allows the quality management to instantly determine whether a given product line is producing at its usual quality. Distribution chain control means being able to accurately differentiate between own and third-party beers. QFOOD QUANTOS is the first analysis device to be able to quickly and accurately distinguish between similar beers, e.g. between pilsner from different manufacturers. This means that users can know immediately if a beer is of own manufacture or whether the original beverage has been watered down or otherwise modified.

The Beer ID contains information about the type, quality and origin of the end product. This means that every sample can be matched with a type of beer, a production location and even a production batch.

Beer-mixed beverages – no headache for QUANTOS

A quick and accurate analysis for beer-mixed beverages has proved a stumbling-block for all measuring procedures, until now. QUANTOS effortlessly masters this task as well: due to the wide variety of ingredients measured, the simple quick test can also evaluate the composition of beer-mixed beverages. For mixed beverages, not only do the characteristic substances of beer need to be measured accurately, but so do additives and flavourings, such as citric acid, types of sugar and sweeteners. QUANTOS is currently the only device able to determine these elements accurately and in just a few minutes, without the need for a complicated process or time-consuming sample preparation.

Analysing beer-mixed beverages has always been rather demanding – until now. As the QUANTOS Analyzer can also capture additives and flavourings in its very quick measurement, beer-mixed beverages can now also be accurately measured in a short period of time.

Contents analysis and application

The contents analysis performed by QFOOD QUANTOS through IR spectroscopy measures alcohols, various types of sugar, pH value and parameters such as bitterness and foam stability, all in just a few minutes. It also analyses sulphur dioxide, lactic acid, preservatives, free amino nitrogen and diacetyl. However complex the beer analysis may be, the application is simple: the beer is injected in the QUANTOS device. Simply place the sample vial with the beer on the tray and input its position in the program. QUANTOS deals with everything else. Intermediary brewing products can also be measured without the need for laborious preparation.

Despite the complex analysis, QUANTOS is very easy to use: simply fill a sample vial with the beer and place it on the tray. QUANTOS does the rest.

Advantages of QFOOD QUANTOS analysis over other procedures

QUANTOS uses IR spectroscopy in a complex mathematical analysis procedure that brings beer analysis into a new dimension. The great technological leap enabling all components with detection limits of just a few mg/l to be reliably measured in a single measurement is a crucial advantage. Indeed, beer’s unique character is greatly due to ingredients in low concentrations, and not only to the mixing ratio of the main components that can be measured by conventional analysis methods. Only the determination of the exact composition can provide such high quality control. The end result is not a full recipe for beer. Rather, users obtain a strong and versatile control instrument for all areas of production: to optimise individual brewing steps, to control the quality of the end product, to avoid incorrect filling thanks to the product quick test, and to directly and discreetly control the authenticity and purity of the end products, in sales outlets for instance.

Unlike existing analysis procedures, QUANTOS analyses all the ingredients and parameters of a sample in a single measurement that takes just a few minutes. The reliable detection of low concentrations leads to a new, high level of quality control.