UK prefers it weak

By 11. March 2015Blog, Health, Risk Management

Interesting news from the English newspaper the Telegraph this week. It seems that the amount of alcohol consumed by people in the UK is dropping.

Before we start to think we have turned the tide on binge drinking though, most of this decrease is down to breweries reducing the alcohol content of their beers and so therefore even if drinking the same number of beers people are consuming less alcohol.

The paper reports that two things are driving this decrease, one is the UK governments tax relief to beers that are 2.8% alcohol and less and the other is that apparently consumers want the option of lower alcohol beers. With these points in mind, breweries are reducing the alcohol content of some brands while also introducing low alcohol content beers.

The UK currently rank 13th on the list of heavy drinking countries, but it seems more and more young people are keeping away from the sauce. Personally I think moderation is the key.