Organic has more of the good stuff

By 12. February 2015Blog, Health, Quality, Risk Management

Carrying on from the rather negative blog about organic food yesterday here is one to re-balance our scales.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition last year from the University of Newcastle found that organically produced food contained more antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. Antioxidants, as I’m sure you have heard are good for you and it is the level of antioxidants in these new “superfoods” that is giving them their “supername”.

Basically, antioxidants are produced when a plant is under attack or stressed. Organically grown plants will have to naturally fend off some pests that the conventionally grown plants would not have to deal with due to the pesticides doing the work. This, as the theory goes, explains why there are higher levels in the organically grown food.

The organically grown produce also apparently have less pesticides residues than the conventionally grown produce, a hundred fold less in fact, go figure…..

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