No touch chicken

By 16. January 2015Blog, Health, Risk Management

Imagine this, you are a chicken retailer and a damning report is published that says nearly 60% of all raw chicken sold has a bacteria on it that can cause food poisoning. What do you do?

Well, if you are the UK retailer M&S you release a “roast in the bag” chicken. Yes, the chicken comes double bagged, the outer bag is removed before cooking but the inner bag remains in place so that the customer does not come into direct contact with the chicken until it is cooked and all the Campylobacter are safely killed.

If they plan to do the same for the Christmas turkeys I hope they remember to put the bacon on for me and fill it with some good stuffing.

For those of you that do still buy the normal bagless chickens, the FSA recommend that you do not wash the chicken before cooking as this is one of the ways that the dangerous Campylobacter is spread around the kitchen.

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