Metal Pretzels

By 10. December 2014Blog, Health, Risk Management

Some disturbing news for you from the English language German newspaper “The Local”. Apparently 1 in 5 Pretzels produced in Bavaria contain higher than recommended levels of aluminium.

So where does it come from? It seems that the secret to get that great finish that you expect from a Pretzel is a quick spray of alkaline sodium lye. Unfortunately this can react with aluminium from the baking trays and then the aluminium is transferred to the pretzel.

A spokesperson for the Bavarian Federation of Bakers’ Guilds was quoted by the paper as saying that this problem has been known about for a long time. The longer the dough is in contact with the trays before cooking the higher the amount of aluminium that is transferred.

It has been suggested by the Bavarian Consumers’ Centre to ask your baker if they use aluminium trays and if so then perhaps choose a different snack for children.

Read the full story on the website of The Local