Ich Findus das nicht gut

By 14. February 2013Blog, Health, Nutrition, Quality, Risk Management

Findus Lasagnes has become the latest victim in the horse meat scandal, with in house tests detected more than 60% horse meat.

Reported on the website of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, it has been recommended that all Findus frozen lasagnes are redrawn from sale. Tests are underway to determine if the meat contains Phenylbutazone (or bute), an anti-inflammatory given to horses that is not approved for humans, although it was stated the risk to human health of eating meat contaminated with bute is considered low.

Horse meat has also been found in ALDI Lasagnes and Spaghetti Bolognese, and as more products are tested across the supermarkets it is expected the list will keep growing.

The food alert can been seen in full on the  Food Safety Authority of Ireland website.