Fight heart disease the seaweed way!

By 24. November 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition, Taste

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the biggest cause of premature death worldwide. According to a publication in the journal Phycologia most of it is down to our individual eating habits. But what can we do to reduce our risk of CVD?

Eat seaweed, apparently. Yes, compared to the unhealthy high calorie, nutrient poor foods out there that so many of us eat, seaweed:
(1) has very favourable antioxidant levels,
(2) is high in fibre,
(3) has good macro and micro elements and
(4) has good fatty acid profiles.

All of these points make it a good candidate for an additive to our foods. Indeed, we reported a while back about a cook book with seaweed recipes or about using the seaweed derivative, alginate in bread (Stick some seaweed in that bread).

The publication is a good review on seaweed research and well worth a read. I particularly like the phrase “involuntary intervention strategies related to food manufacturing”.

I guess it is nice to know that healthy things can also be put into our mass produced food. Big Brother is feeding you…

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