Seaweed, pick weed, eat weed…

By 6. July 2012Blog, Health, Nutrition

Not only can it make lobster blush, seaweed is also a highly nutritious food that literally surrounds the UK. So why do we not eat more of these sea vegetables in the same way as the Japanese enjoy their Nori?

That is the question Sheila Dillon investigates in this edition of the BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme. She talks, among others, to Prannie Rhatigan about the various edible seaweeds that can be harvested from the seas around the British Isles and her book “Irish Seaweed Kitchen”. The company “Clear spring” that are one of the main importers of seaweed in the UK and the Seaweed Health Foundation, who are trying to highlight the benefits of growing and eating seaweed instead of using it for biofuels.

A podcast of the episode is available from the BBC website.