Fat or carbs, the debate goes on…

By 30. October 2015Blog, Health

Yes we are back on this subject again. This time, the latest piece of research to get published says that reducing carbs is the way to go.

So what should we believe? Last time we spoke about this issue (Time to diet, fat or carb restriction?) the researchers recruited 19 obese people for a 5 day diet experiment in which they could control all food and drink of the participants. They did this as they believed that research based on questionnaires are open to mis-reporting (accidental or deliberate). They found that those on the fat restricted diet lost more fat per day than those on the carb restricted. They therefore concluded that fat reduction was the way to go.

In a paper published this week in The Lancet a group of researchers have performed a meta analysis (compiling the data from many publications together) and found that reducing carbs led to a greater weight loss compared to reducing fat. They did report that a low fat diet led to weight loss compared to a control group, but it did not lead to more weight loss than other diet interventions.

So what they are saying is that compared to a normal diet both restrictions will led to a loss of weight, but low carb diets lead to more weight loss than the low fat diets.

Personally I’d go for the “eat more healthy vegetables diet” and no, sadly that should not include crisps and chips.

Click here to read more (about the paper, not my diet ideas)