Embrace the fat

By 6. September 2014Blog, Health, Nutrition

A study published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that a low carb diet is better than a low fat one in terms of weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors.

Just when you thought you had it clear in your head, (carbs are good with meat),  along comes another study and tells you something different. So what exactly is this study saying?

According to the in-depth report on the website for the New York Times diets such as Atkins that recommend eating high amounts of meat and fats while steering clear of the carbs were criticised in the past as the weight loss that occurred was mostly due to losing water rather than fat.

Not so in this study, they found that not only did the people on the low carb diet lose more weight than those on the low fat diet, it appeared that the people on the low fat diet lost weight in the form of lean muscle mass not fat. Not generally what you are aiming to lose.

So there we go… I have now absolutely no idea what would be best to eat with my steak tonight. How many chips are considered low carb? And is it a case of the more greasy the better?

If you want to check out the publication for yourself it is available from the Annuals of Internal Medicine. If you want to see what the New York Times has to say about it click here.