Dietary fibre also reduces type II diabetes in Europeans

By 4. June 2015Blog, Health, Risk Management

It has already been shown in the US that intake of dietary fibre is inversely associated with incidence of type II diabetes. Now this latest offering in the journal Diabetes confirms the same association in European diets too.

The study was conducted on over 340,000 people across 8 European countries, of which nearly 28,000 were selected for this particular analysis. Dietary fibre intake was indeed inversely related to incidence of type II diabetes. But it seems the source of the fibre is important, cereal fibre was by far the best but the relationship was also inverse for vegetable fibre. This was not observed for fruit fibre.

Also, when BMI is taken into account the association is no longer there. In other words, if you are carrying a few too many pounds around with you then eating a lot of cereal fibre will not help you, suggesting that the relationship is not so simple.

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