Bad Chicken

By 19. November 2014Blog, Health, Risk Management

59% of fresh chicken sold in the UK has tested positive for the bacteria Campylobacter. Grim news in an article published online on The Guardian’s website.

Apparently the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is preparing a report in which it states this concerning figure.

Campylobacter causes a gastrointestinal infection accompanied by stomach cramps, fever, pain and (sometimes bloody) diarrhea. Trust me, it is not a pleasant ailment to have.

According to the article, the FSA is currently trailing two methods to help reduce infections: spraying infected meat with liquid nitrogen or with a mixture of steam and ultrasound to “knock the bacteria off the meat”.

If you are concerned about Campylobacter the FSA has just published a campaign to try and reduce infections.

Click here to go to the article on the Guardian’s website.