Are bacon, ham and sausages as big a cancer risk as smoking?

By 27. October 2015Blog, Health, Risk Management

In a word, no. But the WHO has confirmed the link between processed meat consumption and an increased risk of bowel cancer. And it would seem that we are eating more than we should.

The World Health Organisation’s cancer body has been taking a look at the data on processed and red meat consumption and cancer risk and have delivered their views. They have now classed processed meat as a carcinogen, meaning that is causes cancer. Apparently the link between red meat consumption and bowel cancer is not strong enough for it to get the same classification as processed meat but there is one there none the less.

So, should we stop eating processed meat? That is the question. Lets get some pespective. Reported on the webpage it was said that if 100 people were eating a bacon sandwich everyday containing approx. 50g of bacon then statistically 7 of them could develop bowel cancer in their lifetime.

And as for the question as to whether or not it is as bad a smoking lets look at the numbers: 34,000 cancer deaths each year are attributed to eating a diet high in processed meats. Compare that to 1,000,000 each year caused by smoking….

The advice from the Department of Health is to eat the healthier cuts of meat and cut down on processed meats.

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