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olio e insalata

Oil up that salad…

…if you want to get the most carotenes and fat soluble vitamins out of it. Yes another month, another paper reaching the same conclusion as others we have reported on previously (Egg up that salad, avocado is for A) if … Weiterlesen

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Sojamilch auf Sojabohnen

Iodine, are you getting yours?

If you are drinking milk alternatives such as soya, almond and oat milk instead of cow’s milk chances are you are not getting enough iodine. In a paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers measured the levels of … Weiterlesen


The good, bad and confusing cholesterol

Just when you didn’t think food advice could become any more confusing, a new study from the University of Copenhagen has found a possible link between HDL cholesterol (aka the good one) and increased mortality. There are two types of … Weiterlesen

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with a Mediterranean twist?

If you like dark chocolate and want to lower your blood pressure, then this might be for you. Scientists from the University of Pisa have found that when olive oil is added to dark chocolate it can improve your cardiovascular … Weiterlesen

Grill Spezialitten

Tastes like chicken?

Today we are talking about fortified food, chicken sausages to be precise. We have reported a few times over the years about fortified foods, in general, the trick is how much the food can be fortified before consumers find the … Weiterlesen