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Mix Of Thai Rice And Lentils

Lower the blood glucose the lentil way

Do you worry about spikes in your blood glucose levels after your meals, or the Glycemic index of the foods you eat? Probably not, but eating foods that yield a low increase in your blood sugar level could help to … Weiterlesen

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Kimchi, vegan or not, the bugs don’t mind

Interesting news from the journal Food Microbiology. It would seem that kimchi, that side dish staple from Korea, made with fish sauce or using miso as a substitute ends up with near identical bacterial communities. So why look into this … Weiterlesen

Whole grain bread put on kitchen wood plate with a chef holding gold knife for cut.

Bran fibre soy milk to fight diabetes

Like the white bread but worried about the glycemic index (GI)? Probably not, but eating some of the tasty white stuff does cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, and diets high in food that cause these spikes in … Weiterlesen


Let them eat grass

Today we are back on the subject of omega 3 fatty acids. It turns out that cows fed a forage based diet (so mostly grass) produced milk with a better omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratio than conventionally … Weiterlesen


A glass of wine to help clean your teeth?

Unfortunately no, but scientists have found that polyphenols found in red wine can hinder the ability of bacteria to stick to teeth and gums where they can start to cause dental plaque, cavities and periodontal disease. The researchers found two … Weiterlesen