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Let them eat grass

Today we are back on the subject of omega 3 fatty acids. It turns out that cows fed a forage based diet (so mostly grass) produced milk with a better omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acid ratio than conventionally … Weiterlesen

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A glass of wine to help clean your teeth?

Unfortunately no, but scientists have found that polyphenols found in red wine can hinder the ability of bacteria to stick to teeth and gums where they can start to cause dental plaque, cavities and periodontal disease. The researchers found two … Weiterlesen

Beer in glass

Is it a Kölsch? Is it an Alt?

Nope, it is fusion of the two called a Költ. For those reading this blog and wondering what I am talking about (although I’m sure the picture might have been a giveaway) Kölsch and Alt are two types of beer. … Weiterlesen

People cycling in a spin class at a gym

Working on that New Year Resolution?

If like many people, you over indulged this Christmas time and have decided to go to the gym more or take up a sport, then you may wish to try a boost such as caffeine or taurine. Reported in the … Weiterlesen

Meat free chicken flavour mycoprotein fillets with grilled vegetables

You’ve read the ingredients, but how much of that is Bioavailable?

It may state on the packet how much protein is contained per 100g, but how much does your body take up? Today’s topic is bioavailability. This term is used to describe how much of a certain component in the food … Weiterlesen