Men: 2 kiwis a day to keep moodiness at bay

By 25. September 2013Health, Nutrition

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science suggests that kiwi fruit can enhance the mood of moody men who are not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

The scientists had previously shown that eating half a kiwi a day increases the vitamin C in the blood plasma and that eating 2 kiwis a day leads to excreted vitamin C in the urine and therefore saturation. Therefore they tested two groups, one eating half a golden kiwi a day and the other eating 2 a day.

The study was conducted for 6 weeks and the men in the study were asked to rate their general feeling of well being and energy in a questionnaire.  Overall, half a kiwi a day did not change the general mood of the group but the group eating 2 kiwis a day did show a (non significant) improvement in mood. However, the effect was significant for men with a high baseline mood disturbance.

The paper is available from the JNS website