Your milk is made of what you eat

By 30. November 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition

Yes, today it is another breast feeding story for you. Obesity is a growing problem, and unfortunately, what you eat while breastfeeding can also “program” your child’s body in ways that are not good.

Reported on the First view section of the British Journal of Nutrition website, an upcoming publication looked into the effects of eating a high fat diet on rats and their offspring they are suckling.

What they found was very disturbing. Feeding the obese mothers a high fat diet affected the function of the mammary gland (milk producing gland),  changed the concentration of certain nutrients in the milk and programmed the metabolism of the offspring in an unfavourable way.

For the male offspring matters are even worse. It seems that male pups fed milk from a mother consuming a high fat diet had smaller brains than those whose mothers were eating the control diet. This was not seen for female pups.

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