Want the “benefits” but don’t like the taste of coffee?

By 11. January 2016Blog, Health, Taste

Then you should try a flour made from green coffee! Yes, those clever boffins have had their thinking hats on again and come up with a new way to consume coffee.

We have blogged a number of times on this site about papers that claim coffee is good for you (Two cups a day…, Coffee: Enjoy heartily in moderationDrink coffee, live longer). I’ve also commented that most of these blogs are written with a trusty cup of the black stuff in hand. But today we are not talking about conventional coffee.

The taste that most people associate with coffee only comes about when the coffee beans are roasted. But, it would seem, the health benefits from coffee are actually dramatically decreased during the process of roasting. So a biophysicist from Brandeis University in the US has come up with a way to heat the coffee beans to a lower temperature and then mill them at ultra low temperatures to further protect the goodness in the beans.

The resulting flour is then ready for use as a supplement or for baking. As it has not been roasted it does not have the normal coffee taste. However, it has also been suggested it could be blended with roasted coffee to boost the health benefits of your cup and still have the roasted coffee taste.

Sounds all very interesting but I think I’ll stick to my 5 cups a day for now.

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This flour made from coffee should not be confused with the product called Coffee Flour which is actually a flour produced from the pulp left over after the coffee bean has been removed.

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