Up the roughage to lose the weight

By 19. February 2015Blog, Health

When you decide to lose weight one thing that has to be a pain is that you normally change your entire diet, which could explain why so many people fail to stick to it.

With that in mind researchers decided to compare two diets:
(1) the American Heart Association (AHA) diet which focuses on reducing sugar, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, and alcohol consumption while increasing the amount of fruit or vegetables, whole grains, high-fibre foods, and fish.
(2) and a more simplistic diet in which participants were asked to increase the amount of fibre they eat.

Two hundred and forty overweight people took part in the study. After 12 months people in both groups had lost weight, but the AHA diet group had lost more.

So although the AHA diet was more effective the high fibre diet did also result in weight loss and could be suggested for people who struggle to follow a more complete change of diet.

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