Tyrosine, have you had yours?

By 24. February 2014Blog, Health

Not quite as catchy as the yogurt makers slogan but this is the news that consuming the amino acid tyrosine could give you faster reflexes.

Published in the journal Neuropsychologia, participants were given an orange juice containing either tyrosine or a placebo and then subjected to a stop-go test. In the test an arrow appeared on a computer screen and the participants had to click whether it faced left or right. When the arrow was red they were not meant to press a button.

After taking the tyrosine supplement the participants performed better in the stop task, but not in the speed at which they chose the correct direction. In other words, it enhanced the response inhibition but not response execution. Tyrosine can be found in foods such as fish, soy, eggs, milk and bananas.

Anyone else have an urge for sushi and banana pancakes?

The paper is published in the Journal Neuropsychologia.