Spread the protein to aid the weight loss

By 7. May 2015Blog, Health

Slightly reminiscent of a blog from this time last year (Spread the protein to synthesize the muscle), this time the news is that spreading your daily protein intake equally across your 3 meals can help weight loss.

Published ahead of print on the website of The American Journal of Nutrition, the paper is actually a review on the existing literature about the effect of high protein diets on the body.

It is an interesting read with too many points to go into all of them on this blog, but we can talk about a couple.

It seems that this review agrees with the paper from last year about spreading the protein across the three meals, they also recommend 30g per meal.

Apparently, adhering to a high protein diet will preserve your resting energy expenditure (the amount of energy your body uses while at rest) while other diets can cause this to decrease.

One question that did still linger though was do high protein diets make you feel more full and therefore cause you to eat less? Many publications reported this in controlled feeding studies but the authors said that due to the challenges of doing this in the “real world” this could not yet be confirmed.

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