Spice up your life and decrease the salt

By 21. March 2014Blog, Health, Taste

If you need to reduce your salt intake then don’t go it alone, start experimenting with herbs and spices in your food. That was the findings of research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology & Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity & Metabolism Scientific Sessions 2014.

Fifty five volunteers were given a low sodium diet for 4 weeks. After that time, half of the group were advised how to cook with less salt and to use herbs and spices as a substitute, the other half tried to reduce their sodium levels by themselves. The study continued for 20 weeks.

The researchers found that although the salt intake was higher than in the first part of the study for both groups, the group that were cooking with herbs and spices ate on average 966mg/day less sodium than the “go it alone” group.

I feel an idea for a new cookery show and cook book coming on….

Click here to go to the story on the American Heart Association website.