Spice up your food the non spicy way?

By 22. May 2014Blog, Risk Management

Yes, confusing as that sounds, a Japanese company has made a request to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK to market a synthetic version of dihydrocapsiate, a non spicy component found in chilli peppers, as a food supplement.

Dihydrocapsiate is a capsinoid, not to be confused with capsaicinoids which are the spicy components of chilli peppers. Apparently it can “improve energy expenditure and fat oxidation, which can have a role in weight management”.  The company has already added the synthetic dihydrocapsiate to a range of foods since it was granted a licence to so in November 2012. It would now like to market it as a food supplement.

The FSA has requested views of the proposed application. You have until June 5th to give your opinion.

We reported last month on the use of the only-slightly-spicy capsaicinoid nonivamide to aid weight loss as people who were given a drink containing it ate less and felt more full compared to people not given the drink. Sounds like a combo of the two would make a great pre-food diet supplement…..

Click here to go to the FSA website.