Smooth move to healthy looking skin?

By 13. January 2014Blog, Health, Nutrition

A moderate sun tan makes you appear healthy and this effect can also be seen by eating food containing carotenes. This is the idea behind a piece of research by Dr Ian Stephen of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

Dr Stephen has previously published research about how a slightly redder face can make you appear more healthy and attractive (assumed to be because a redder face would indicate good blood flow), and how consuming food high in carotenes can affect skin pigmentation making you look healthier and more attractive.

In this latest experiment, underutilised fruit high in carotenes available in Malaysia as well as that old staple carrot were used to prepare daily smoothies for the volunteers. The control group were given mineral water.

As with most things though, too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. British readers may remember the case of the young girl who drank so much Sunny delight that she looked like the Tango man (for our other readers search “You know when you’ve been Tangoed”).

Results are still pending, watch this space for further updates.

Read about the research on Dr Stephen’s My medical forum blog.