Salt reduced in processed food but we still eat too much

By 4. June 2013Blog, Health, Nutrition, Taste

That is the opinion of The Salt Reduction Seminar hosted by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). For the last 10 years, the FSAI has been working in conjunction with the food industry to voluntarily reduce salt in processed food items.

The average adult salt intake in Ireland has reduced by 1.1g per day but it is still over the recommended daily intake of 6g per day. Apparently, salt on the table and that added during cooking accounts for 30% of the daily intake.

The food industry recognises with the obesity epidemic that there is a need to reduce unnecessary salt,  sugars and fats in our food and will soon launch the “Livewell Platform”.

The press release from the seminar is available on the FSAI website.