Red wine to burn that fat

By 9. February 2015Blog, Health

Yep, that lovely glass of red that goes so well with your steak or plate of cheese now has another bonus. It could protect you from accumulating too much fat in your liver, as least, that what’s happened in mice.

The researchers had previously shown that mice fed a high fat diet accumulated less fat when their diet was supplemented with grape extract. In this study, the team wanted to work out what in the extract was causing the effect and how it was doing it.

They found that ellagic acid, a component of the grape extract was a potent negative regulator of fat accumulation. It seemed to reduce the production of new fat cells in adipose tissues as well as increasing fatty acid oxidation in the liver.

It should be pointed out that ellagic acid is not only in red wine, it is found in many soft fruits including wild strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and pomegranate.

For those whiskey drinkers out there, there is also good news. Ellagic acid is not only present in fruit, it is also in oak and during the aging process is oak barrels some of it finds its way into the whiskey.

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