Whiff of oil to satisfy hunger?

By 21. March 2013Blog, Health, Nutrition

Apparently the aroma molecules from olive oil can satisfy hunger, that is according to scientists from the Technische Universität München and the University of Vienna.

The scientists gave people daily yogurt supplemented with either: olive oil, rape seed oil, butter fat or lard and measured their level of “fullness” by using serotonin levels in the blood.

They were surprised to find that the yogurt supplemented with olive oil seemed to be the most filling and actually no one from this group increased weight during the trial. They then carried out a second experiment where volunteers were given either yogurt supplemented with the aroma compounds from olive oil or plain yogurt.  The olive effect was still very much there. The group that did not consume the olive oil aroma yogurt were eating more than the group that did.

Read the article about the research on the Technische Universität München website.