Obama Administration Releases Food Safety Tips

By 21. December 2011Blog, Health, Nutrition, Quality

The report lists accomplishments and strategies of President Obama’s Food Safety Working Group (FSWG) combined with useful information for consumers on safe food handling. The interagency group, chaired by Sebelius and Vilsack, was established in 2009 to advise the President on how to strengthen the U.S. food safety system for the 21st century through a coordinated federal agency approach.

““As families across the country share in this holiday season, it is important to reiterate our commitment to protecting the food supply and our desire to remain vigilant to protect the American people,” said Secretary Vilsack. “We have taken a number of steps to improve the safety of America’s meat and poultry supply in recent years and the President’s Food Safety Working Group has proven to be a vital component to our work.”

“When we gather around our holiday tables, we shouldn’t ever have to worry about the safety of our food,” said Secretary Sebelius. “We have the safest food supply in the world, but we can always do more to protect consumers. The best way to ensure food safety is by building prevention into our food safety system, and we will take another step in that direction when the Food and Drug Administration issues proposed rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act.”

“Using a three dimensional approach of prevention, surveillance and response, the FSWG has provided for increased coordination and collaboration between the federal agencies responsible for food safety enforcement. FSWG member departments and agencies share information and experience about all aspects of food safety which strengthens the scientific and technical infrastructure to support a modern food safety system.”

The full report can be found here.