Germans are not eating enough fish

By 6. June 2013Blog, Health, Nutrition, Taste

That is the reason behind a research project at the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in the Bavarian town of Freising, Germany.

A survey carried out by the supermarket chain EDEKA found that although Germans know omega-3 fatty acids are important  and are found in fish, they are still not eating the recommended 150-220g per week. So what’s the solution? Put them into food that people do eat lot of such as sausages, pizza, pasta or bead.

So far, so good, but what about the fishy smell? Apparently, when the oil is exposed to oxygen and oxidises it produces a fishy smell and degrades some of the oil. The team have overcome this problem by developing a special emulsion system that protects the oil from oxidation and allows it to added to a variety of food.

In conjunction with EDEKA, they have produced 9 types of sausage containing the fatty acid. As well as having high concentrations of DHA and EPA, the fat content is also considerably lower than other standard sausage types.

Read the full article on the Fraunhofer website.