Moreish food that is a little too moreish?

By 26. January 2016Blog, Risk Management, Taste

Interesting news reported on the website of the English newspaper the Guardian. It would seem that some restaurants in China have been using opium containing poppy seeds in their food, perhaps giving a whole new meaning to food you just can’t get enough of.

In the current crack down 5 restaurants are being  prosecuted and 30 others are still under investigation.

Adding poppy seeds to food is nothing new, and although the seed “contains low amounts of opiates such as morphine and codeine” the article states that it is still not known if this could cause addiction or to give a buzz.That did not stop a police man failing a drug test a few years ago after noodles that had been spiced.

There were also similar stories a few years back regarding the Chinese hot pot. The Chinese government were cracking down on the use of the poppy seeds in food especially after the milk melamine scandal.

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