Keep strokes at bay with more protein each day

By 12. June 2014Blog, Health, Nutrition

Another protein blog for you, this time, according to a new meta-analysis we should be eating more protein to reduce our risk of stroke.

Apparently the idea that a high protein diet can reduce the risk of stroke has been bandied about for years but although there are studies that back up this claim there have also been studies that contradict it. The authors of this meta-analysis wanted to trawl the literature and see what the data says when collected from multiple studies.

They found that for every 20g per day of increased protein intake we could potentially reduce our risk of stroke by 26%. One strange finding was that animal protein was able to reduce the risk by 29% and vegetable protein only by 12%, but the authors state this could be due to the low number of people eating the vegetable protein and not a real effect. Protein intake reduced the incidence of stroke in women more than in men suggesting that men would need to eat more to see the same effect.

Best excuse ever why we should have that last portion then.

Click here to go to the abstract on the Neurology journal website.