Keep it raw to reduce the fat

By 16. February 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition

There are a hundred and one weight loss diets out there that claim one thing or another for why this diet will work. And here could be another one for you:

Cooking fatty food can make more of the fat available to your body allowing it to keep more of it. Or if we turn that on its head, your body should absorb less fat from raw fatty food compared to when its cooked.

Published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, the paper details an experiment in which mice were fed peanuts that were prepared in 4 ways: raw whole, raw blended, roasted whole and roasted blended over a 5 day period.

They found that those eating the roasted nuts gained more weight than those consuming the raw ones. Apparently, the fat in the cells is surrounded by proteins that may “protect” it from digestion in your body. Cooking disrupts this protection and allows the body to absorb it more easily. This was backed up by the fact the mice eating the raw food excreted higher levels of fat.

The researchers say that this could have implications for food nutritional content information written on food packets. In reality, it will be different depending on how the food is prepared.

So next time you’re in the supermarket reaching for the pack of dry roasted to have with your film, perhaps it’s time to give those raw nuts another try.

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