K is for strong bones

By 20. January 2015Blog, Health

Osteoporosis is something we should all keep in mind. As we get older, our bones can get less dense and this can lead to increased chance of fractures.

Scientists from the University of Surrey have been looking into osteoporosis and have discovered something that can help, a high intake of potassium salts.

It turns out that when we have a higher intake in potassium then the excretion of calcium and acid in our pee is significantly reduced.

Apparently, a typical western diet is bad for our bones and will lead to a weakening of them, it is all about trying to strike the right balance between bone formation and resorption.

But the potassium does not have come from supplements, the authors also recommend fresh fruit and vegetables to get a daily dose.

Click here to read the press release on the University of Surrey website.