Inflamed in the membrane…

By 27. March 2015Blog, Health

…Inflamed in the brain! Tip of the hat to Cypress Hill aside, this blog comes back to the effect our diet can have on the contents of our gut microbiome and the effect this can exert on our bodies.

Published in the upcoming April 1st edition of journal Biological Psychiatry, researchers demonstrate the effect of transplanting gut bacteria from obese mice has on non obese mice. The results are an eye opener.

Unlike the last paper that we reported on involving gut bacteria transplants that made non obese mice obese, this paper is talking inflammation. It seems that after the transplant of the bacteria from the obese mice,  the mice had an increased amount of brain inflammatory proteins compared to mice that received a transfer from non obese mice.

The mice also exhibited decreased freezing behaviour to a cue (a way to check memory) and they increased their marble burying behaviour (this is not just for fun but is actually a way of checking for increased compulsive, anxiety-like behaviour).

What was not observed in this case was an increase in weight due to the “obese mice” gut bacteria transfer.

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