Go nuts and live longer

By 12. June 2015Blog, Health, Taste

Good news for all you nut eaters out there. Regular consumption of tree nuts and peanuts is associated with a lower chance of death.

Published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the researchers analysed data collected from nearly 121,000 men and women starting in 1986 with a follow up in 1996 and also addition data from other cohort studies.

They found that eating nuts “was related to lower overall and cause-specific mortality, with evidence for nonlinear dose-response relationships”.  Unfortunately eating peanut butter did not have the same effect. Whether that’s due to the other components of peanut butter or the lifestyle differences of those consuming nuts compared to peanut butter who knows.

For now it seems that eating 10g or so of nuts a day could be the way to go.

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