Who are the fussiest eaters in Europe?

By 21. January 2013Blog, Health, Nutrition

Believe it or not, the British. But before our chests start swelling with pride, thinking we are underestimated food  connoisseurs, we are unfortunately talking about children, toddlers to be precise.

The survey was carried out by growingupmilkinfo.com, a website owned by Cow&Gate, makers of milk powder for children and was reported on Sky News. Apparently, 26% of toddlers from the UK refuse their meals at least once a day compared to only 15% from Germany and France.

Also “43% of mothers from the UK let their toddler get away with not eating certain foods in order to save time and effort, compared to 33% in France and 41% in Germany.”

Click here to read the story on the Sky news website.

Click here to go the growingupmilkinfo.com website.