Forget-me-not coffee?

By 1. December 2014Blog, Health, Taste

It seemed like a coffee drinkers dream, not only is that cup of black stuff perking you up to face your work day, but it will also reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s.

Not according to experts in the field who have made their comments about the research on the Science Media Centre website.

The main problem is that this type of study “generate hypotheses but don’t prove them”, or in the words of another expert quoted on the page “Many studies that have investigated these links have been observational studies, which are not able to tell us definitively whether coffee can prevent or reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.”

Apparently, to truly test the hypothesis there would need to be a “blinded clinical trial, which would be impossible to do”.

Oh well, luckily I drink coffee to help me start my day, not to improve my end of days.

Click here to read a summary on the research from the Coffee and Health website.

Click here to read the experts comments on the Science Media Centre website.