Food tampering: Trippy Meat

By 25. March 2014Blog, Health

A family including a heavily pregnant women have unwittingly eaten meat that was laced with the psychedelic drug. The meat was purchased from a Walmart store in Tempa, USA and the incident happened earlier this month.

The father started to feel unwell and so the mother drove him to the hospital, when they arrived at the hospital she and the children begun to hallucinate. The father and children were intubated and the mother went to labour.

It is not known how the meat became contaminated, Walmart promptly removed meat from sale and they have been reported to be very cooperative with police.

Both mother and baby seem to be doing well and the family has asked for privacy.

This incident could have had a much more tragic outcome, all this week we will be bringing you past stories about food tampering.

Click here to read the full story on the website of the newspaper “Tampa Bay Times”