Food recalls

By 11. April 2012Blog, Health, Quality

• Allergy Alert (UK): TWI Foods recalls TWI brand Pistachio Cookies (200g and 400g), Almond Cookies (200g and 400g), Coconut Cookies (200g and 400g), and Almond Cake Rusk (750g), due to the presence of undeclared milk.
• Food Safety Recall (Denmark): DK Trading ApS recalls Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets (2.5 kg vacuum packs; Product of Poland; Lot 1207901; Expiry 1/4-2012) and several products manufactured from the imported chicken breasts, because Salmonella Newport was found in samples of the fresh chicken meat. Please refer to the recall notice for a complete list of recalled products.

• Food Safety Recall Update (Greece): Greece’s Food Safety Agency (EFET) announces that the destruction of frozen minced beef and spicy frozen meatballs (Product of Germany) – recalled by Lidl Hellas due to contamination with E. coli O157 – has been completed.
• Food Safety Recall (Italy): Caseificio Valdostano recalls Frozen Blue Shark (Lot 260112; Expiry 28/02/2014), due to excessive mercury contamination.
• Dietary Supplement Safety Notification (EU #2012.0480): Unauthorized sibutramine in slimming capsules from China; distributed to Bulgaria.
• Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0485): Mercury in salted chicken breasts from Brazil; distributed to Germany.
• Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0486): Cadmium and lead in dried celery leaves from Germany, via Belgium; distributed to Belgium and France.
• Animal Feed Safety Notification (EU #2012.0487): Salmonella in extracted soybean meal from Germany; distributed to Germany.
• Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0488): Suspected fraud and incorrect expiry date of egg powder from Poland; distributed to Lithuania.
• Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0490): Folpet in lettuce of unknown origin; distributed to France.
• Food Safety Notification (EU #2012.0494): Mercury in greater amberjack from Greece; distributed to Italy.

Some supermarket chains post recall notices on their web sites for the convenience of customers. To see whether a recalled food was carried by your favorite supermarket, follow the live link to the supermarket’s recall web site.