Food Fraud: Dioxins in eggs

By 26. February 2013Blog, Health, Quality

In January 2011, dioxins were detected in eggs originating from Germany had been shipped all over Europe.  Dioxins are a by-product of chemical and pesticide production, they are also produced during burning, such as incineration. They accumulate in body fat and high doses over many years can lead to fertility problems, cancer and can damage the immune system.

The  Ukrainian politician, Viktor Yushchenko, was famously poisoned with dioxins during his run at office in the October–November 2004 Ukrainian presidential election. He subsequently went on to win but he suffered disfigurement from the attack.

It is believed the dioxins found their way into the food chain when oil meant for use as a biofuel was substituted for vegetable fats in feed for chickens and pigs. Approximately 8,000 chickens that ate the contaminated feed were destroyed because of the scandal.

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