Food Fraud: All eyes on West Yorkshire

By 19. February 2014Blog, Quality, Risk Management

Despite the horse meat scandal and the increase in food testing that consumers assumed would be taking place it would appear food fraud in the UK is still rife.

West Yorkshire council decided to test a range of food and drink products including ham, frozen prawns and vodka for signs of adulteration, which they unfortunately found in 38% of the samples tested.

Some samples of ham, which should only be made from a leg of pork contained poultry meat. Apparently the brine used in the process colours the poultry meat a pink colour making it hard to distinguish.

In the most worrying case, a sample of herbal slimming tea was found to contain “neither herb nor tea but glucose powder laced with a withdrawn prescription drug for obesity at 13 times the normal dose.”

Frederick Accum must be turning in his grave.

The article contains a lot more information and is available from the Guardian newspaper website.