Filthy Spices?

By 18. December 2013Blog, Quality, Risk Management

All might not be well with control measures to prevent illness from the consumption of tainted spices in the US, that is the concern of the U.S. Food and drug administration (FDA) who have produced a Draft Risk Profile on Pathogens and Filth in Spices.

Of particular concern is the outbreaks of Salmonella that were traced back to imported spices such as black and white pepper. They are requesting scientific data as well as comments on the draft and the deadline for the comments has been extended until March 2014. The draft report is nearly 200 pages detailing outbreaks of disease caused by spices since 1977 and there is also a section about filth adulteration of spices.If you don’t want to think about what could be adhered to the surface of your spices you may be best to avoid this section. All other interested parties should give it a look.

The draft is available for download from the FDA website.