Fancy some pasta? Why not make it chirpy?

By 25. April 2016Blog, Nutrition, Taste

Yes, we are back on the subject of insect protein. But this time we are talking about a product that has come to market, cricket pasta.

Published in issue 1 of the New Food Magazine, is an article on the matter. A company called Bugsolutely (hats off for quality name) has started to sell a pasta containing 20% cricket flour.

We reported previously (1, 2, 3) about insects being a new source of protein but that is not the only benefit of using crickets. According to the article, they contain omega 3 fatty acids and iron, and give a roasted nut flavour to the pasta.

The company are aware of the yuk factor that many westerners have about eating insects but said that market research has also indicted that approx. half of people asked would consider trying it.

After all, if we eat prawns, oysters and some of the bottom feeders they serve up in sushi restaurants, why not crickets?

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