Fly reared steak anyone?

By 31. May 2013Blog

Could you imagine walking into the supermarket or butcher and seeing “fly reared” on the packet of beef?

Well, the EU is funding a project to look into whether the high demand for feed protein usually met by importing soya could be satisfied using insect protein from flies and maggots.

We have reported a couple of times before about eating insects, but in the previous studies it was our diet that was being supplemented by insect protein. Some might say this is an even better solution as we would not be eating the insect protein directly, but unfortunately it is difficult to get away from the yuk factor that eating insects induces in many a consumer.

In a podcast from the BBC’s Farming today this week, Sybil Ruscoe talks to a South African farmer about the benefits and a  Gloucestershire beef farmer who is not convinced. A thought provoking episode indeed.

The podcast is available from the BBC website.