Exercise browns up the fat in studies of mice and men

By 25. June 2013Blog, Health

Getting some exercise is good for you. Nothing new there, but what is new is the discovery that exercise increases the amount of brown fat (a good fat) in the body and this has beneficial knock on effects on the rest of the body.

Apparently normal fat or white fat undergoes browning when people and mice exercise and this type of fat is more metabolically active. To test this, researchers, transplanted this brown fat from mice that had been exercising to sedentary mice with high amounts of white fat. They found that for 12 weeks following the transplant glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity increased.

So even if that new exercise regime you are inflicting on yourself is not showing any results on the outside, take heart in the fact you are making a difference on the inside and as we know, eventually the good will out.

Check out the American Diabetes Association press room for the full story.