Exercise and fast food? I’m loving it.

By 16. April 2015Blog, Health, Nutrition

Yes, good news to all you fellow cross fitters, gym goers or runners who also like to indulge in fast food. It seems that eating fast food after exercise has the same effect on your glycogen levels as isoenergetic sport supplements.

Eleven men took part in the trial, after a good bout of exercise, they were given either an isoenergetic sport supplement or some fast food immediately after and again after 2 hours. The researchers then monitored their blood for insulin and glucose multiple times up to 240 minutes after the exercise and measured blood lipids at time 0 and 240. They were then timed as they ran 20km (that’s nearly 12 and a half miles for our non metric friends).

I could list all the factors measured but the answer was the same in every case, no significant difference. Now, if they would only tell us how much fast food they gave them, one hamburger? Two? Is a Big Mac too much?

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