EU audit on poultry in China: better say no exept for poultry from Henan

By 5. February 2012Blog, Quality, Risk Management

The audit evaluated whether the official controls system for poultry meat products destined for export to the EU can provide equivalent public health guarantees to those required by EU legislation. The report concludes that there at least is a control system in place covering the production chain of poultry meat and poultry meat products intended for export to the EU. The results cover a broad range from good to not-so-good.

The effectiveness of the control system in Shandong province is compromised by the deficiencies (mainly in maintenance and sanitary conditions) detected by the audit team in some establishments visited which had not previously been detected by any level of official supervision.

In Fujian province the implementation of the official system is not yet up to EU equivalent standards.

In Henan province the establishments were found broadly in line with the EU requirements and regarding public health the official control system applied can be deemed equivalent to the requirements of EU legislation.

The article of the audit can be found here.

Keeping in mind the short history of collaboration, it can be expected that China will soon be up to the requirements of the EU legislation.