Don’t waste that wine waste

By 30. June 2015Blog, Health

Either there are a lot of researchers focussing on grapes at the moment, or it really seems to a fruit that has many benefits to give us.

The latest paper, published in the journal Food and Function, says that tocotrienols, a form of unsaturated vitamin E found in the seed oil of grapes could help to reduce our waist lines.

The researchers took the waste from wine production known as pomace, the skin and seeds from Muscadine grapes, and extracted the oil. The part or fraction containing the tocotrienol was separated and human stem cells derived from fat cells were exposed to it. As controls, other cell cultures were exposed to olive oil and bran oil extracts. Bran oil extract should be similar to grape extract and olive oil is similar but does not contain tocotrienols.

It was found that the grape extract significantly reduced the production of fat compared to the bran and olive oil extracts. So next time you wander down the aisles looking for a nice oil for your salad dressing, perhaps you should give it a try.

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